The importance of Simulation Manikin

May 20,2021

Simulation Manikin is a trainer for product that provides a means by which learners and educators can practice their healthcare skills in real-time before attempting to assess or perform a treatment on a patient first-hand.


A manikin is most closely associated with the concept of a full body patient simulator that safely allows for the training of clinical skills, cognitive thinking and behavioral communication in a professional healthcare setting. While some medical professionals still refer to these training devices as “Mannequins”, Manikins is the preferred term based on the increased use by research publications, organization, and vendors. A mannequin is more closely aligned with fashion, than healthcare.

A manikin can be used in situ or in a healthcare simulation environment such as those found within a simulation center. Other terms for manikin include human patient simulatorpediatric simulator, or surgery simulator. There are also Birthing Simulators, which is where new manikins come from — just kidding! Below are key resources for manikins including the latest news, top vendors, definitions and more!

Manikins can range in its level of realism from a low-fidelity manikin to high-fidelity manikin. A low-fidelity manikin is a segmented clinical task trainer capable of a small number of specific tasks or procedures, such as an IV-arm or a CPR manikin. A mid-fidelity manikin is usually a full-body simulated patient but with minimal computer components.

Using these Simulated manikin enable learners to try their hands at administering a variety of lifesaving procedures in a safe educational environment before being asked to provide them on real patients. As technology continues to advance and more companies begin developing Nursing Mannequins for education and research, the practice of medical can expect to become better prepared with well-equipped and educated staff members. This is no secret to colleges, universities and secondary schools who have also begun implementing Nursing Mannequins usage across their curriculums.